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Dynamic Gesture Life Drawing with Andrew Crayford

We are incredibly excited to announce our first solo life drawing outing and collab with the renowned life model, Andrew Crayford. It has been a very long time coming. This intense session will be taking place in South London’s leading indie arts and cultural hub, Matthews Yard in Croydon.

Andrew is renowned on the life drawing circuit for his stamina, creativity and dynamism and I personally have been fortunate to meet a talented perfectionist that brings so much soul and vision to our sessions.

We look to pick up where we left off in our last event at Rise Gallery, which featured the thrilling Life Drawing Gymnasia concept which landed local and national press attention. Andrew worked with fellow life models Natasha Jervis and Jacque Alexis to bring a collection of breathtaking multi-model poses to a room of stunned Croydon artists. With well thought out, interactive compositions, inspired by London’s very own architecture, timed themes of yoga, dance, symmetry and grandeur, our models worked tirelessly to hold and perform their artistry, and our talented artists who received them – well, they were in awe.

This time we strive to surpass our last superlative outing and we’ve been listening to what our artists liked, demanded, and had to say.

For this session, we continue to break stereotypes and elevate conventional life drawing, as we refine our focus and practice on Andrew alone. This will feature short and medium length poses emphasising gesture, anatomy and endurance in fast paced creations that pay tribute to one of the greatest performance models in 21st century London.


All artists are welcome, these sessions are great for beginners and I also invite experienced creative professionals and artists, simply craving something new. This is a wonderful opportunity to build a vast portfolio of dynamic, expressive artwork with striking, fresh and innovative ensembles, that will surely inspire and form a strong, anatomical basis for creative constructions in the future!

Tickets are now live:

More events are on their way and we have some exciting announcements due soon. <3