Woman in Orange


Woman in Orange by The_3rd_Man

Show Title : Experimenting with Stencils
Currently on display in the cafe at Matthews Yard

The_3rd_Man draws influence from family and his children. Using bold colours, he reflects a dreamlike state in pictures that appeal to the imagination. The portraits have a sharp look, applying stencil with lines over the top, merging the background and the foreground to bring everything together in a satisfying harmony once more.



Born and raised in Croydon, and having always had an interest in drawing and art since very young; Phil graduated with a BA in animation from Solent University, after which he spent a year traveling around south America, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand. Since then he continued to draw and paint fairly casually until about three years ago, when he truly committed to being an artist.

The ethos behind The_3rd_Mans work is to suggest a thought or feeling of the people in his pictures as subtly as possible, allowing the viewer to draw their own conclusions. This is achieved by having the most detail in the organic parts (mainly face and hands) and then reducing the details backward to a simple pattern in the background.

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